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The list will be periodically updated. Please come back.
  Many of the items listed in "12 things I can't live without" are actually either with me in my studio, or on me. Please see if you can find them in my studio portrait 1. My Hermes Cape Cod watch that my wife Karen bought me for my 40th birthday 2.Black silk and cashmere cardigans 3.My Oyster card. We say you can get anywhere in London for a pound and an hour! 4. My Crocket and Jones chelsea boots 5. The pelvis a dear friend gave me years ago 6. My Moleskine sketchbooks 7. Diptyque "Oyedo" candle 8. The World of Interiors magazine 9. I love my ChapStick 10. My Sinar F2 11. Google 12. My Blackberry with pelvis x-ray wallpaper. Can you find it on my desk?