Macromedia Flash Download

Flash is a very small plugin ( less than 200 kb) for your browser(s) to provide full screen animation. It is specially designed for the Internet to deliver full screen animated graphics at a fraction of the size of other graphics (gif's, jpeg etc.). It is installed on over 90 million PC's worldwide.

This site has a few Flash elements and requires that you also have the latest Internet Explorer or Netscape browsers. This plugin is included with each version of these browsers and is a installable option in the newer versions (5.X or higher) of both browsers..

Click below to download the plugin you require for your browser. This will take you to Macromedia's site for the latest version. Follow the simple 3 step instructions.

Screen size must be 800 x 600 with at least 16 Million colors. You may have to reboot your system for changes to take affect. Also it may be necessary to use the "Tool" > "Internet Options" > "Detail Internet Temporary Files" or Clear Cache under "Preferences" > "Advanced" due to your setting as both browsers have a tendency to store old files unless you tell to refresh.