Martin Cooper and Karen Suen- Cooper's "day in the life" featured on 'Sheila Bridges: Designer Living' television show on the Fine Living Network.
premiere air date: December 5, 2004

Martin Cooper/ Hamptons magazine
June 4- 10, 2004 issue

Hamptons Magazine has placed Martin Cooper on "The List," along side such luminaries as Harry Potter, Madonna, Uma Thurman and Alan Greenspan. Click cover image to see list.


• Uploaded Martin Cooper Press Kit (PDF) containing 83 pages of information and images. File size: 3.8MB.

• Site Map has been updated to reflect ALL recent changes to the OrchisArts Architecture. Very valuable, since there are some known bugs in Apple's Safari browser, not rendering perl scrip, that affects our drop down menus. In general, the OrchisArts site renders best in Windows.
• Total revamping of The Altis: Portraits of the Immortals section with a separate index added. A total of _66_ images have been added to this area to give a much more comprehensive survey of the series.
• ADDED Guest Book. Please drop by and say 'hi' to Martin.

• Uploaded 5 QuickTime Studio Reels (mini-DV movies) of Martin Cooper working with his models in the OrchisArts studio. This is a rare opportunity to see him at work, either shooting on his Sinar 4x5 and 8x10 view camera, or making costumes for The Altis series. They range from 5-12 minutes long with color and sound. You must have the QuickTime plug-in installed on your computer to view the movies. The movies are located in the Special Projects Index, under QT Studio Reels. ENJOY!

• Opening splash page index (low_cover.htm) reworked to reflect an easier navigation
• COMPLETE Almagest series uploaded (12 images)
• COMPLETE Botanical series uploaded (16 images of ongoing series)
• Happy New Year 2004 greeting added of Martin Cooper

In addition to the above, the following updates have been made:

new splash image
• information/ Martin Cooper bio- update under (i) section
• information/ Martin Cooper CV- update under (i) section
• information/ news events/ 2003- update under (ii) section (this page)
• information/ press/ 2003- update under (ii) section
• information/ special projects/ costume- MAJOR UPDATES WITH NEW IMAGES! [under (ii) section]

We will be adding addition content monthly to The Altis series. There will be a major renovation of this area of the site with many new images, and for the first time, concept drawings for the Altis series. Please continue to check back from time to time.