Have you thought of having your portrait captured in a way that portrays you as the strong, mysterious, self-empowered woman that you are? Perhaps you just didn't know how to go about indulging yourself.

Martin Cooper is proud to announce that his work will now expand past the fine art arena to offer a high- end portrait service committed to socially and artistically conscious women who want to give themselves that ultimate treat in luxury: to be the commissioner of an unclothed, nude portrait. In this time-honored tradition, Martin Cooper is applying his fine art vision toward a select number of special commission sittings this year. His rare vision, flawless reputation, discretion and confidentiality will ensure that you will have one of the most unique and unforgettable experiences in your lifetime. His exceptional approach is completely inclusive, making you the center of the process.

Whether or not you commission your portrait for your own pleasure or for the pleasure of others, the nude portrait is considered a rite of passage in certain levels of society. It is a historical document, an heirloom, to be passed from one generation to another: from mother to daughter--- daughter to daughter. Imagine how amazing it would be if you could see a magnificent, stylized portrait of your grandmother, nude, in the prime of her life? We think breathtaking.

Would you like to be a boxer, a wrestler, an archer? Creating images with Martin are literally endless in possibility. His forte is in creating classical images that will never be dated or seem passé. Clients often wish to be photographed as a character from his famed Altis series. Martin can design & make custom costumes and props specially tailored to your character, your personality and your body type. Many clients have been so enchanted by his process that they've asked Martin to offer a special commission DVD documentary option to record the entire experience from beginning to end on digital video… the session can now be edited into a documentary that will enrich the depth of your experience and heirloom value.

If you feel that you would like to commission a sitting, discuss your ideas or get more information, please call the studio @ + or email: martin@martincooperphoto.com.

Please view some of the examples of what can be done by clicking the arrow. Unfortunately, however, confidentiality prohibits us from posting actual special commissioned images.