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In association with Jayne H. Baum/JHB Gallery

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Saturday, July 16, 2005


BLOOM, 43 Madison Street, Sag Harbor, NY 11963 Tel: 631.725.5940

In association with Jayne H. Baum/JHB Gallery, New York


6:00 – 8:00 pm



Pronunciation: 'blüm

n. 1. the flower of a plant. 2. flowers collectively. 3. state of having the buds opened. 4. a flourishing, healthy condition.

v. 5. to produce or yield blossoms

Bloom is a thematic exhibition of painted and photographic floral images by established and emerging artists, including Martin Cooper, Christine Dalenta, Cybele Dreskin, Kevin Duggan, Maris Embiricos, Don Freeman, Jefferson Hayman, Amanda Means, Hiromitsu Morimoto, Rebecca Swanson, and others.

Taking the simple subject of flower as still-life, each artist approaches the subject from a distinctive point of view. Most of the works in Bloom are manipulated photographs, from Don Freeman’s hand-painted, Gothic rose, to Martin Cooper’s split-toned Amaryllis, to Hiromitsu Morimoto’s soft, graphite-enhanced platinum prints. Cybele Dreskin’s straightforward color close-ups reveal minutiae of textured petals and stamens contrasted against blurred-out surroundings. Background and negative space play a large role by creating depth in the pictures of Jefferson Hayman and Maris Embiricos. Hayman’s Pussy Willow is detached and pattern-like against its flanking blacks while the latter’s Panzies emerges triumphant from a darkened background - like a face bathed in light. Similarly, Rebecca Swanson often thinks of her color close-ups as self-portraits in the tradition of painting. In another form of departure, Amanda Means’ photographs are made without a camera, possessing fragile and radiant qualities evoking a personalized humanity. On the other end of the spectrum, Christine Dalenta’s beautifully toned vertical triptychs are overdeveloped hybrid results of light and chemistry. Kevin Duggan, who is represented by actual paintings, treats his subject matter meticulously as scientific specimen posed against stark white backgrounds in the tradition of Audubon.

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