Panopticon Gallery of Photography
April 13th - June 1st, 2001
435 Moody St. Waltham, MA 02453, USA *
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MARCH 17, 2001

reception: Friday, April 20th, 6-8 pm

X-ray Photographs by Dain L. Tasker and Botanical Studies by Martin Cooper

"Flowers are the expression of the love life of plants". So wrote Dain L. Tasker a practicing Los Angeles radiologist and fine art photographer. In 1930 Tasker began to experiment using x-rays to photograph flowers, eventually perfecting the process to produce some of the most visually stunning images of flowers imaginable. Panopticon Gallery will display 20 Iris print images of Dr. Dain L. Tasker's floral studies.

Martin Cooper is a New York fashion designer as well as fine art photographer. A collection of 16 photographs by Cooper from an ongoing work in Progress: Botanicals will also be on display in Panopticon Gallery. Cooper writes..."While these studies of flora are reminiscent of 19th century illustrated books, they differ from those studies by taking on a figurative and human-like quality. ...These Botanicals arrest and captivate us, and if we follow our instincts, we can take joy in their intimate and euphoric world".

Tasker's images are transparent. The density of the flower interrupts the x-ray that passes through them to create a photographic image. In a sense they are 'negative' images with every exacting detail revealed in the final print. Cooper's images are rich, split-toned, black and white positive photographs, at once lush and evocative. Together, these two photographers' offerings are a richly choreographed symphony of blossoms.

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