• Art Director- I'm looking to collaborate with a young Art Director who has cutting edge visual skills, in addition to understanding the sense of purpose and order that a site must follow. Must have a strong sense of branding. The art direction must reflect the work and vision of the artist. I am looking for a new paradigm. Your signature must be rich and lux...NOT clean and 'this is a fine art photographer's site.' Each page should have texture and movement. I am looking for an almost Victorian 'hand' and Steampunk feeling. I want the visitor to have a VERY interactive experience. Can be internationally based.
  • Website Designer/ Flash Programmer- I'm looking to collaborate with a designer who can code the Art Director's vision, specializing in interactive flash. Can be internationally based.
  • Strong Graphic Designer- I'm looking for a strong graphics designer to collaborate with me on the creation of my digital assets. Must have a strong sense of branding, and can take an idea and run with it. Must also love Victorian era graphics, fonts, apothocary labels, book covers, etc. Can be internationally based.
  • Strong Literary Editor- I'm looking for a super strong literary editor to work with me on a fiction-based book. This is NOT a photo-based book, but a book about a 19th century character. Must have excellent editing skills as well as (a bonus) knowledge of the Victorian era. They must identify with my series on the Pelvis. Can be internationally based.
  • Calligraphy Artist- I'm looking for an artist who can write in a 19th century style like this.
  • Models- I'm always looking to collaborate with women who understand my vision on the Pelvis. If you have an interesting shape (waist/ hip ratio), please reach out to me. Must live in London.
Please reach out to us.
Contact: martin@martincooperphoto.com