In every aspect, OrchisArts is a visual place. This website has been designed and built to reflect the viewpoint that too many words spoil the mystery in pictures. This site reflects both the collage- effect we often experience, and the direct appeal of pictures that do not try too hard. These are images that stand still and ask only that we stop and look.

There are 4 main project sections, each with the same structural approach for viewing images. Each project is presented with a compilation collage of images, setting the mood for that body of work. Click anywhere on the collage to take you to a new window that uses a horizontal scroll bar to slide images right or left. By placing your cursor on an image, it will reveal its title on the far left of the screen,



When you log-on to martincooperphoto.com or orchisarts.com, and click the "MARTIN COOPER" name or "ORCHIS" logo, you are taken to the site's homepage. Here you have access to all the projects as well as a link to the Information Index, supplying you with almost any kind of information about Martin Cooper or OrchisArts you want.

The menu bar at the bottom of each project page facilitates movement between the main sections mentioned above. It's a short cut, in other words. Every page gives you the opportunity to return home or to the index.



Care has been taken to make the display of the site nearly identical in both Internet Explorer and Netscape; however, for some reason, the site displays better in the Windows environment. The MAC has a difficult time processing the perl script drop down menu indexes even in Internert Explorer. The drop down menus are completely nonfunctioning when using Apple's proprietary browser, Safari. We apologize for this inconvenience until we are able to sort it out better. In the interim, you may use the Site Map to jump around, bypassing the drop down menus.

The design was drawn and built with an open window of 800x 600 pixels as the base structure, with considerable leeway provided to enlarge the browser window and still maintain the intended visual effect.

Please see Monitor Adjustment if you are unsure that your monitor settings are correct for your size screen.


The Mailing List form allows interested parties to submit their email address so they can be notified by us when we add images to the site. We'd like you to know that if you do use this service, your email address will NEVER be shared , sold or given to others. If you would like your names removed from our list, simply send a note with the subject line "REMOVE" and we'll take care of it.



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